Fossils from Beijing Man are examined for the first time


20. The original fossil belonging to the Beijing Man, considered one of the most important discoveries of the century, is being examined for the first time. These fossils composed of six teeth belong to a Homo erectus man

20. One of the most important discoveries of the century, Peking Man was discovered in an archeological excavation dating back to the Middle Pleistocene Age in Zhoukoudian, near Beijing's capital in the 1920s. The fossils belonging to Peking Man disappeared in an interesting way during World War II.

Scientists are studying fossil remains that have been preserved by the Beijing Man but delayed analysis for various reasons for the first time. Constants consist of six teeth of Homo erectus .

A group of scientists from Burgos National Human Evolution Research Center (CENIEH) in Spain published an article on the first observations on fossil remains of the "Peking Man" in Scientific Reports . These remains, consisting of six teeth of Homo erectus were discovered in the area of ​​the Zhoukoudian archaeological excavation in the southwest of Beijing in the 20's.

(19459015) Incidentally Found Dental Beijing Man Gives Details About )

In this excavation site at the Unesco World Heritage List, archaeological and paleontological materials, including a large number of human remains, were lost during World War II as they were taken to the United States. In the sixteen dated exceptions of the lost fossil remains that were recaptured from 1949-1959, we were accompanied by CenieH President Maria Martinon-Torres and the hominid Paleobiology program co-ordinator José Maria Bermudez de Castro by Xing Song from Peking Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology Institute

Bérmudez de Castro says the research on human fossils discovered in the excavations in the 1930s was carried out using low-quality gypsum replicas, as well as descriptions and sketches from researcher Franz Weidenreich, since the originals of Bérmudez de Castro were missing.

The original fossil teeth of Peking Man. C: Xing Song et al.

Homo erectus pekinensis

The captured human fossils were first associated with the species Sinanthropus pekinensis by the Canadian anthropologist Davidson Black, but were later found to belong to the fossils Homo erectus in the 1950s. As Martinon-Torres has stated, the idea that this modern man could be his predecessor has been defended for a long time, and all the human fossils found in the region we call Far East and today's Indonesian islands have been systematically associated with Homo erectus .

( Homo erectus Cranium Found in East China )

However, the usual variations among the many species surveyed in our past clearly reveal the differences between these fossils. According to the authors of the research titled "Beijing Man's Fossil Teeth", there are similarities between the teeth discovered in Zhoukoudian and the teeth of the same orbits taken in other archeological excavation areas in China. However, it is also noted that there are marked differences between these teeth and other teeth associated with African and European origin Homo erectus or other humanoid species.

It is hoped that investigations on the subject will open a new door for re-examination of all human fossils discovered in the Far East.

Science Daily. 1 February 2018.

Article : Song Xing, María Martinón-Torres, José María Bermúdez de Castro. 2018. The fossil teeth of the Peking Man . Scientific Reports.


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