Formula 1 race shot with Game Boy camera [Galeri]



Professional photographer and Formula 1 enthusiast Tim Binnion took a very interesting shot at the last Formula 1 event he joined. In addition to his racing professional cameras, Binnion also used the 1998 0.016 megapixel Game Boy camera.

Tim Binnion, who is watching and not watching Formula 1 race, decided to use Game Boy's 0.016 Megapixel camera besides his own camera. " As far as I know, no one has ever shot a game about the motor sport with the Game Boy Camera. " Binnion is inspired by Joshua Paul, who previously displayed the F1 race with the Graflex camera. Another inspiration was Alexander Pietrow who shot Moon photographs with Game Boy Camera . The result of Binnion is amazing.


Tak take out lenses

Thinking he would need a pencil to catch the squares he wanted from his point, Binnion wanted to take advantage of the Nikon DSLR's zoom lens. But then the idea came to a much more practical solution. Binnion, who opted for stick-out lenses used for smart phone cameras, has managed to capture impressive squares of this end result. Binnion does not neglect to take a separate piece to record more than 30 pictures, so the camera has finished shooting. We can say that the resulting squares resemble a game. You can read all of Binnion's adventure here .




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