Female Serial Killers: The 5 Most Ridiculous Women in the History

Female serial killers, the common feature of these women is that they have killed at least 3 people, leaving some time between 30 days spread over a long period. I will tell you five serial killers who will freeze people's blood and who have made the most brutal murders of human history. Serious killers in the world are mostly unknown, but they are from the USA. The first female serial killer in the world is the American Aileen Wuornis. He killed 7 people in the relationship. This has shaken the whole world, not the people of the United States, and perhaps this number has inspired American women to increase the number of female serial killers.

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Irma Greese

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One of the first names that comes to mind when it comes to female serial killers is Ilse Koch. Commander of the political criminal prisons "Karl is the wife of Otto Koch. He is known for his tattoos. He cut off the beatings of the Jews who were killed. Not only that, but he made a tattooed leather bag, dress, gloves and even underwear. He used his unpleasant tattoos himself. He was arrested in 1947 and sentenced to life imprisonment. He got in touch with one of the guards to get out of jail and got pregnant. He was released two years later. Later he was taken back to jail on the grounds that he was responsible for 5,000 murders and on 1 September 1967 he committed suicide by hanging himself in the bed with the iron rail on his cell.


Elisabeth Bathory