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One of the biggest problems in the lives of schizophrenic patients is; isolation of patients due to established perceptions of this disease in society. Aside from the difficulties that the patient has caused in his life, the disease can not empathize with this disease and it can have a loneliness effect for patients and their relatives. Santa Farma's work on April 11th World Schizophrenia Day aims to overcome this empathy question.

The work created by Agency Digital aims to make people understand themselves better by clearing them from prejudices so that people can replace themselves with schizophrenia even for a brief moment. The focus of the work is not to play a simple empathy game; In this sense, the aim can be tried in parallel with the hypnosis study which is made in the past days to make people understand where the refugees come from and makes a big sound.

Schizophrenia Experience with 3D sound technology

In the study using 3D sound technology; you can experience 360-degree sound experience by attaching your headphones with a special sound recording. So you can hear not only the sounds from the right and left but also from your back, from the front, even from inside your mouth and you can increase the realism of the experience. It is enough to wear earplugs and close your eyes to see what the patients are living in.

Santa Farma representatives for the project listened to their voice recordings during visits to hundreds of doctors. In addition, the World Schizophrenia Day reached thousands of people thanks to banners published on the Internet.

The project is opening the way to breaking judgments and stamps about a disease full of prejudices such as schizophrenia. Thanks to innovative technologies, not only doctors and healthcare personnel, it is aimed that everybody can understand the reality of this disease and increase the tolerance of this disease by reaching wide masses.


Advertiser: Santa Farma
Advertising Agency: Agency Digital

Visual: Callie Gibson

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