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It is a prerequisite for people who want to live a quality life to love their home. However, the conditions of the city we live in may cause the economic troubles to continue to live in a smaller house than to live the human being. We may be able to change the people of the people who say "Maybe, but at least that way, if the house is larger" or With a couple of small numbers, you can feel bigger than your room. How is it?

Here is Feeling Much Greater Than a Small Room 17 Rational Method

1 # Remove middle chests or zigzas from your life. Instead, use functional furniture that you can use both as a stand and as a stool.

2 # Use a small ladder or rack system that you can easily move instead of a bulky stand console.

3 # Use natural colors to create a sense of spaciousness and stay as far away from the contrast as possible.

If you have room, please choose horizontal lines.

Use a shelf where you can also read your books,

6 # Prefer multiple hanger systems instead of single row hanger

7 # Hang up the lighting and save space

8 # If you do not have a lot of places, choose round tables that can easily be placed in any corner.

9 # You can store tables or work areas in unexpected places.


10 # Prefer diagonal drawers that save space instead of conventional drawers.

11 # Use the illusion of the mirrors to create the feeling that there is more space.

12 # Use a full size mirror to actually make room for a room and give a higher ceiling illusion.

14 # Choose curtains up to the ceiling to widen the sense of space.

15 # Create the impression that you have more space using transparent glass, acrylic or plastic furniture.

16 # Prefer furniture that has multiple functions together

17 # Whatever the size of your room, do not forget to use the plants that lie on the floor for simplicity and depth.

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