Famous poet Özdemir Asaf is mentioned with his poems on his birthday

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Özdemir Asaf, one of the Turkish poets of the Republican era whose real name was Halit Özdemir Arun, is known with his poems on his birthday (June 11, 1923).

Özdemir Asaf

Özdemir Asaf (Ankara, June 11, 1923 – Istanbul, January 28, 1981) is the son of Mehmet Asaf, a member of the Council of State. The year he lost his father (1930), he entered the first part of Galatasaray High School. He took the surname 'Arun' with the Law of Surname in 1934. He graduated from Kabataş Boys' High School in 1941 with an additional midterm exam in 1942. He continued to study at Istanbul University Faculty of Law for two years and at the Faculty of Economics until the third grade and read the first class of the Institute of Journalism, which was two years at that time.

The first article appeared in Servetifunun-Uyanış in 1939. Published in the magazines such as Poetry, Writings and Translations for Purpose, Great East, Friend, Literary World, Resource, Little Magazine, Selected Stories, Servetifunun-Awakening, Şadırvan, Turkish, Turkish Language, Being, Yeditepe, Yenilik, Yirminci Asır and Vatan Gazetesi . He worked in Time and Tanin newspapers, made translations. He worked for a while as an insurance producer. He started printing in 1951 and published his books under the name of 'Round Table Publications'. Biblio, Bar, Restaurant, named "Now" in Bebek in 1972, welcomed the friends of artists and people from all ages and professions in the rest of his life

Özdemir Asaf is one of the most original names of contemporary Turkish poetry, with the essence and voice of his poems, beyond the periods and currents.


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