Facebook develops its own crypto currency against BitCoin?


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The biggest name of the social media Facebook came up with important news about the block chain behind the bitcoin in the past days . The company is now with a crypt money .

According to recent news, social media giant Facebook develops its own crypto money competing against bitcoin. This development seems to be really interesting for now. The company trying to make the data scandal obsolete by now is a name that previously prohibited crypto money ads. While all this is said to be used for procurement / material transactions within the platform of crypto-money, which is designed in the light, this is really a huge development. Because the company, which has billions of users, is preparing for the first time to enter the bright spot of this future very firmly. This means creating a large currency economy within the service.


What does Facebook do with the block chain

As we heard the other day, the company has set up a block chain department within itself. The head of this department is the social media giant, who brought in former PayPal CEO David Marcus' who wants to work on this new, new growing field. To remind you again, the block-chain records are linked to each other by cryptographic elements as a continuously growing, scattered database. In this structure, the data are not kept in a single center, which means a very serious increase in security. This infrastructure, which is of great importance to today's frequent attacks, makes a lot of sense for the company when it comes to thinking about what happened to Facebook in the last period.

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