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Leap Motion is a US technology venture with the mission of "destroying obstacles in front of human-computer interaction". Several years ago, the computer had spoken of the name with the interface that allows you to manually control it . It then integrates this technology, which follows hand gestures, into virtual reality glasses. So they have introduced a technology that allows us to interact with virtual reality through our hands. Leap Motion publishes demos about this technology, which from time to time allows you to manually control the virtual reality. The company has released a new demo called "Cat Explorer" to promote its new software "Orion VR" and has attracted considerable attention.

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<h2> Cat Explorer shows how we can control virtual reality with hand gestures </h2>
<p> Instead of learning how to use a controller, <a href= Cat Explorer encourages us to learn to control virtual reality through play, experimentation, and intuition. With Leap Motion, the user can dive into the universe of virtual reality without any instruction, experience, or training, and quickly understand what needs to be done.

Cat Explorer shows the user a cute virtual kitten. The user can see the anatomy of the cat by controlling the environment with hand gestures. For example, she can see her muscles, skeleton, vascular system, and internal organs passing through her scarred scarred hand.

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<p> Leap Motion emphasizes that virtual reality interactions on the demo page have the potential to be easier and more intuitive than any other technology. Demo; an entertaining introduction to virtual reality and the potential for transformation of natural interaction in different areas such as education, health and leisure. The demonstration of virtual reality can be done with the new software called Orion VR of HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, Leap Motion Controller and of course Leap Motion. </p>
<p> <a href= You can follow Leap Motion 's work through Twitter and Facebook page .

Visual: Leap Motion

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