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We have good news for those considering buying the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +. According to the statement made by Samsung, the phone comes with a burgundy and a new golden (Sunrise gold) color option.

The burgundy Galaxy S9 will be available in China and South Korea this month. The Galaxy S9 with Sunrise Gold color will be available in June, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Using Galaxy S8's F / 1.7 aperture value on the camera, Samsung prefers a diaphragm value of between F / 1.5 and F / 2.4 on the Galaxy S9. The F / 1.5 aperture value means that the phone can take much brighter pictures compared to the Galaxy S8. However, the Galaxy S9 also has a 960 fps video recording capability. Automatic background music is also added in slow motion. You can change this music. You can convert the slow motion to GIF, or you can play it back. Another important difference that distinguishes the Galaxy S9 from the Galaxy S8 is the AR Emoji feature. The feature that compares to Apple's Animo feature is simply the animated emotion of the emotions. It also helps personalize the feature that allows users to create emoji.

Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S9 and S9 + 's how sales prices in Turkey

selling price of the 64GB Galaxy is Turkey's S9 £ 4,599 64 GB Galaxy S9 + 's sales price if Turkey TL 5,199 .

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