Everything is changing with Microsoft's new laptop computer

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                                                                         Microsoft Surface Pro 6



Microsoft is among the most prestigious companies on the hardware side. The software giant, which once again proved this with every new product, is already wondering with the new laptop computer .

Microsoft Surface family does not buy the official computer in Turkey (which had restricted brokerage firms). The company, which is likely to change this in the coming period, thinks is big for Surface Pro 6 . According to ZDNet, the company is going to a major design change on its new computer . Of course, the laptop, which we do not know how to look at right now, is said to be able to radically change the design of the current family . You know that the current family is quite far from the standard laptop form. Focusing on the hybrid structure and especially on the touchscreen, the Pro series offers a different experience with its hideable nappy and keyboard. With this model, the company succeeded in differentiating on the market, thus creating great excitement with Surface Pro 6 . This model is expected to bring great tips and design language for the future.


When will Microsoft Surface Pro 6 arrive?

According to the statement made, the model will take its place on the shelf in 2019. The laptop, which will be powered by Intel's 8th Generation Core processor family, is now called "Carmel" in the company. The model, which is supposed to have only USB-C ports in it, will protect the "Surface Connector" connection.

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