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Common areas of work have been a rising trend in the world for years. It has become widespread that people working in different jobs share the same physical space by changing the concept of office, widespread self-employment, and the spread of entrepreneurial ecosystem all over the world. Shared workspaces shows the world as it is now also in Turkey. It offers different experiences to its members as well as common work areas that focus on different purposes. What if we had a free spirit that wanted to breathe air in all of them? That's exactly where Cowork7x24 comes in.

Cowork7x24, founded by Serkan Kurtuluş and Halil Demirdağ in Sofia, is an active network in 8 countries and 17 cities. Users can rent daily for common areas when they wish. It is even possible to rent meeting rooms of common working areas on a daily basis. This flexibility, in its simplest form, opens up the possibility of encountering far more different people than getting different inspirations from different places.

International freedom

made Cowork7x24 launch in October 2017, it is not only limited to Turkey. With its presence in 8 countries, it also allows you to find a working place without going through any preliminary research when you go abroad. At present Cowork7x24 has 400 different work areas and meeting rooms. This number will continue to expand with the addition of new markets. Cowork7x24 reflects the service it offers to its own work dynamics. The initiative now has a team of 13 people living in 7 countries.

You can see active cities and common areas via the website . Reservations are made through the published application for iOS and Android operating systems. You can also get a 20% discount on the first deposit using "bigumigu20" code

Visual: Cowork7x24

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