Erin Anderson

When he changed his sex,

It is very hard for everyone to find true love, lost in the belief that it is supposed to be true. This is even more difficult for people who realize they are in the wrong body. The story of Erin Anderson is precisely the story of the difficulty, but eventually bound to happiness.

Erin, who is 18 years old and still called Aaron, adds Jared Norris, 28, from Facebook and says she recognizes her and loves her, but Jared refuses to respond to these messages and Aaron's feelings

Aaron is now in the process of initiating the gender change process, unwilling to live in the wrong bedside. Aaron and Erin become available for the last two years with hormone therapy and breast surgery

Erin says that in Aaronic time she wears her family's clothes and high heels and enjoys it

After two years of treatment, Erin sees a surprising notice on his phone. Refusing himself, Jared now likes photos of Instagram

The dialogue that started with mutual messaging continues with the meeting held on Erin's birthday. In the same way for two years …

Erin states that Jared had some relations in the beginning, but that he was totally open when he said that none of them had any serious relations, nor did they know most things about it

Jared noticed the value of this openness and put afraid nest at first, telling her family that Erin was a trans individual and everything else. Erin says it's very important to him

Bilateral, two-year unrelenting and ever-strengthening bilateral, happiness messages as well as messages containing threats of harassment and death

The couple, who did not want these messages to seize themselves, one day sat down and decided not to read the messages, to get serious

Erin has not exactly changed sex because she can not afford the money for the surgery right now. But that's not a problem for either himself or Jared

At this point, Jared feels that his girlfriend looks good enough and feminine with her current state, and there will be no change in her feelings if she has or does not have surgery

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