Emotional introduction from the final part of Sense8 [Video]





Sense8, one of Netflix 's greatest follow – The date on which the highly anticipated final chapter will arrive on the screen has been announced recently. Now a two-hour introductory demonstration was shared from this special section.

Sense8 was created by our brothers, Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski whose name we have heard with the Matrix series . But he paid attention because it was a bit different than his previous work. It was able to accumulate appreciation with the depths of the characters and storytelling. Sense8 tells the story of eight people who basically live in different points of the world but who realize that they are mentally connected to each other. These eight people, who can communicate through telepathy, soon discover this unexpected source of power. But in fact this is just the part of the iceberg. The messages of the directory are much deeper and more interesting.

The series, which had a serious fan base on this track, was meeting with the audience for two seasons. But due to high cost Netflix had decided to end Sense8. After the intense pressure of fans, the platform explained that the story would end with a special section. Here are some new images from that section.


The last two full hours of Sense8 will be in the Netflix library on June 8 . You can find the introduction about the division which we will say goodbye to the loved heroes right below.

Introducing the last episode of Sense8





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