Elon Musk: Tesla This year we plan to launch in Turkey – Yeşilist

US international electric car manufacturer Tesla's co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Elon Musk, their Twitter account share it out to do, "Tesla this year we plan to launch in Turkey." he said.


responding to the question of followers on Twitter Tesla CEO Elon Musk, said he also personally come to Turkey, "I love your country," he said.



The Model S, the company's most popular vehicle, has sold more than 200 units so far and became the world's best-selling electric vehicle in 2015 and 2016. As of February, the total number of electric vehicles produced by Tesla exceeded 300.


Elon Musk presents an SUV named Model X in September 2015 and a Model 3 in July 2017, while last year's Tesla Semi, the first electric truck, and the new design of Tesla's Roadster, announced.


expected to be one of the models sold in Turkey: Tesla Model 3


Turkey and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Platform (TEHAD) last year, according to data shared by 77 units were sold electric car. This number was 44 in the previous year. Hybrid vehicles with both electric and internal combustion engines increased by 360 per cent in 2017 to 4451 units. 950 hybrid vehicles were sold in 2016.


Electric vehicle users, in general, are the biggest obstacles in front of the electric vehicle market due to the lack of charging stations and service. Still, experts, when high oil prices and to Turkey's dependence on foreign oil, given the stresses can reduce dependence on oil to widespread adoption of electric vehicles in the country.

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