Electricity Production Tax Exemption on the roof in Turkey

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will be installed on the roof of the houses will be produced in a single electricity production plant surplus electricity sellers, the 'tax exemption from' may benefit.


The General Communiqué on Revenue Tax of the Ministry of Finance Revenue Administration was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force. With the Communiqué, the procedures and principles regarding the implementation of the amendments made with the Law on Tax Law No. 7103 and the Law on Amendments to Decree Laws on the Law are specified. Accordingly, those who sell excess energy electricity to be produced in a single electricity generation facility to be built on the roof of houses will be considered as 'tax exempt trades'.

In order to benefit from the exemption of traders who make electricity in residential buildings based on renewable energy sources and sell excess surplus, the production facility will be required to be installed on the roofs or facades of owned or rented dwellings.

The maximum installed power of said installations will be about 10 kilovatts and electricity can only be generated at a production facility. The profits earned by those who use the property as both the workplace and the residence will be recognized as exemptions.

During the sales made from the facilities established to meet the common need of the apartment, expenses can be arranged in the name of the companion administration. Thus, instead of all the owners in the apartment, only one compass should be arranged for the name of the administration.







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