Ebu Musa Câbir bin Hayyan and H2SO4


                        In 750 years, the strongest known acid; lt; / RTI & gt; was a diluted solution of acetic acid. Cabir Ibn al-Hayyan, known as GEBER, by his European contemporaries, formed a purer form of acetic acid by its vigorous distillation. This was not an important development; until then it was thought that the chemical change only took place with heat. If they were strong enough, the acids could also be the second factor causing chemical change …


According to the famous science fiction writer Isaac Asimov; The greatest of all discoveries made on the alcove was made by an unknown person [1] . As well as; By using the name of Cabir Ibn al-Hayyan and exactly 650 years after Cabir Ibn al-Hayyan (in about 1300 years), this invention will be presented to today's schools by H 2 SO 4

Instead of using the alchemist's own name as discovered, he used the name GEBER that the Europeans gave to Cabir Ibn al-Hayyan. Unfortunately, we do not know anything about this alchemist that we can call it a strange fake GEBER.

Sulfuric acid is much stronger than acetic acid, and many chemical changes that were not possible before were made possible.

[1] In the history of science, we have to respect both scientists who make up this situation that will never be encountered again, : Isaac Asımov (History of Science and Inventions)
Photograph: Wikipedia



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