Do you have the candle and you have the courage to burn?


"Being a candle is not easy. Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi

It is necessary to burn before it can radiate light.

I would like to take a short adventure on a subject that I have encountered very often recently. Yeruz give labor. It is not easy to labor, to burn. Need to swallow, right? Sometimes we need to read for hours. Sometimes I have to wait for hours at the door to love you. Sometimes, even if we are very tired, we have to get up the next day and start with the same work and the same passion. Sometimes it is necessary to accept that we fall in the race we participate in. Sometimes you have to dream for days. Sometimes to give labor is to "see" to "see" the world, sometimes to run for hours, to "arrive", sometimes to write for hours, to "share" and sometimes to explain for hours "to be understood" … But here it is hidden in all.

Why are we burning, why should we burn, why should we wait so hard on the road till we get to those spectacular results when labor is a matter of concern? Sometimes when I am doing a project, sometimes in the middle of a long account, sometimes I try to pick the culprits one by one to write these scripts … I feel like potatoes in the middle of an angry ceiling. I am covered with oil … It is hot, I am a burner, but I am a maker. Finally, when she gives me the flavor, it will be to be fried, and it will be blissed in that hot oil without getting up early and afraid.

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I would like to ask you today in this writing: " We are ready to give such a light; I am ready to speak out as an expert because I know this degree; why do we escape immediately when things come to work? When things get worse when things get worse, when there are things we do not like, In short, we prefer to turn around instead of laboring, fighting, talking or trying to solve. Why do we try to live our relationships that we want to start instantly as a rush?

Why is it so tiresome for us to look into it, to be able to look after it, to be able to wait for it and strive for it? When we come to work, why are we only ready to give as much as expected, too hard to give a word too much, to overdo an account, to work late at night, or to have a weekend? Why do we choose not to turn around if it's too heavy for me? When the risks we get are identified with labor, for example when we have strong abdominal muscles, and when we get to eat regularly from the training we do every day, we try to reduce our sails without trying yet and not even laboring, 'I am not so disciplined; Why choose the easiest way to do it? "

However, all the ways in our lives are confronted with the fact that we do not hesitate to labor without fear, and that we have enough time to ourselves. The world was almost the hardest thing for me to be able to make a single stroke to the sand bag with my left colum compared to the right collar I used very well in my boxing work I started in February. Every wrong shot experiment was returning as a more painful experience. Sometimes I feel sore, sometimes my different fingers are swollen, and sometimes after the lessons it is almost unusable because of the tremble caused by misuse of the colum.

For a whole year I gave the chance to go back to the left again, hearing the same anguish without giving up on each lesson. It is my only favorite skill today (I know I have a long way to go now), but I do not know any wrong effect on my sandbag or any risk of breaking my fingers I am not afraid at all today

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<p> <strong> This work, which I have never hesitated to suffer from burning every time I burned, made me reach the awareness, the gentleness and the serenity that I am today. Here, every matter we work on in our lives will actually come back to us only with the results we are really ready to burn. Without any fear, any obstacles we may have in our lives when we re-labor and re-work on all of their pain, suffering, strains, and tears can no longer be sheltered in a manifestation that can no longer prevent us. </strong> </p>
<p> <strong> We can start to become candles, that is to give light, that is to illuminate the surroundings, but only when we reach this point. </strong> <strong> When we first burn with burning, when we first agree to really try to labor, when we choose to fold our labor and labor in awe of the magnificent transformation process … Here we can be rays around here, Maybe this article will take you to your own brand new dark road. </strong> </p>
<p> When I accept burning, when I accept burning, when I never give up, maybe I will overcome the words with words and maybe not with words.</p>
<p> <strong> If you are reading this article today, I would like you to look back on every main subject you have burned for your life. What do you give light for, do you have something to escape from laboring? Why do you hesitate to go back and fight, not to go back a step further? If you want to be a public in your life, why do you look so far away from the beauty of your side? </strong> </p>
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As you go out today, the road becomes a constant light …

Do you have a dynamite in Karman too?