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We always see the list of world's richest people . In these lists, we can find out how much money, which manager, which manager, who is the value of the company, assets. We do not know anything about the 100 poorest people, while we see so many of the world's 100 richest people. The international social responsibility organization Fund for Peace, which is fighting poverty worldwide, puts an end to this separation and puts the opposite list against the world's richest human lists

The project "The Bottom 100", created by Havas Syndey with World Refugee Day, includes the world's 100 poorest people. Listed on Facebook, these hard-to-find people are featured in their stories and photos. The intention is to make these people visible, and this problem comes from ignorance. To ensure that steps are taken to fight poverty around the world by providing a platform to reach effective institutions, companies and governments.

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<h2> Stories of People in the Bottom 100 </h2>
<p> The Bottom 100 project lasted longer than 2 years. Listed on interviews with 23 different nationalities and countless languages ​​and ethnic origins from 5 continents. The 100 selected people actually represent millions living on similar terms around the world. On the Bottom 100 list, people do not have values ​​measured in dollars. Instead, there are stories of people and families living in extreme poverty for reasons such as war, religious, social or ethnic pressures, climate change, migration, etc. </p>
<p> These stories are full of heartbreaking sad details. The story of the Peruvian David Police in the first place, for example … The police, who had to walk to Bolivia from Chile for days after using all their money to help their sick daughter, now lives in a 16 square meter room with a family of 5 and hopes to change the status of illegal immigrants in order to benefit from medical services for his family. All the stories on the list are as painful as David Polis; absence, misery, sickness, war, and tragedies. But they all have the common point, resistance, power and courage as they are painful. </p>
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This 15-year-old has a dream for a future that does not include marriage.

The Fund for Peace Shared: Friday, July 28, 2017

Joseph had lost nearly everything … and now he stands to lose his sight.

The Fund for Peace Shared: 22 June 2017 Thursday

Campaign Supported in Different Assemblies

Red Agency and Havas Media also support the creation of The website at is based on the campaign. The stories on the site can be shared via social media. It is aimed at helping people who can not hear the voice announce their voices. You can also see where you stand on the world wealth list by entering your income level on the site.

Outside of the website, the campaign is also supported by open air, experimental marketing tools, social media and public relations activities. Photographs used in the campaign; will also be on display in Sydney from June 21 to 24


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