Do not run away and go back and beat the bug horror


When the summer comes and the air is warmed up, insects are emerging and disturbing us. Especially the cockroaches are insects that we see more and worry about. When we see these animals, being uneasy can be regarded as normal. However, they are behaviors that can be regarded as a fear of insects, to be anxious to see them if they do not see it, to avoid sitting outdoors, and to give great reactions when they see it.

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Fear of insect or disgust is a treatable fear. When we see bugs, there is no problem if we can give the reactions we gave to another living animal. But if we are leaving the place we are, we do not want to sit outside especially in the evening, if we are anxious about where the insects will come out then this insect fear must be treated. In the treatment of insect fears, there are also drug treatments besides psychological therapies. First, systematic desensitization in the supervision of the psychologist relaxation method is done by going step by step is going to work. First of all you can look at the picture and look at it very uncomfortably, then you can bring the dead bugs first from a distance and then bring them close, to be able to relax without being disturbed by it, to look at the live bath bug in the jar and finally to stay near the live beetle. If these therapies are difficult, it will be easier to go with short-term medication, then it will accelerate the treatment process. You can not defeat this fear by restricting your life with the way of getting rid of, and moving away from the environment where beetles may be. Do not forget that fear is the best way to defeat it.

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