Discover the importance of collecting all your attention

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At the beginning of the week, you can make your hand to strengthen your motivation. However, as the days of the week progress, it may become difficult to keep your motivation and collect your attention.

Centuries ago, philosophers would have noticed that Epiktetus says that the power of attention and focus can easily disappear when attention is not taken in the 12th section of Discourses' fourth book,

"When you leave your attention briefly, do not make yourself believe that you can gather your attention again if you want it again later. But let it still be with you. "

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<p> According to Epiktetus <strong> you should not expect to return to the mental state you were in before, if you allow your attention to dissipate even for a short period of time. </strong> Imagine that when you make a small mistake, nothing happens in the old stream. When you allow your attention to disintegrate, you are postponing what needs to be done. Attention to Epiktetus is like a behavior you build and maintain. This behavior can go in either direction. If you allow your mind to wander the wanderer, your attention will change the way. By doing so you will develop a bad habit that reduces your productivity. </p>
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Of course it is not possible for you to study continuously or focus on the same thing for a long time. Breaking is important both in terms of body and mind. But you have to be enthusiastic about your work in the time you need to work and whatever you need to do it.

 Discover the importance of collecting your attention both at work and free time "width =" 728 "height =" 410 "/> </p>
<p> <strong> You should be interested in work time work, game time play. Even when you play, you have to do it carefully and freely in your free time. </strong> A day passed without attention and focus is like a day spent in vain. </p>
<p> Take advantage of your free time as much as possible, but do not forget to focus whatever you do. If your mind is jumping from one thing to another, be aware of it and distract yourself from the things that distract you. </p>
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