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Snorkeling diving in the market Did you notice that there has not been a radical change in diving tools and equipment for a long time? The Chinese designer ZJ-DDG is one of those who think that these tools need a modern touch. The designer adds technology to the diving masks with the concept called D-Mask

ZJ-DDG and D-Mask aimed to transform the common snorkeling tools of the tourism industry. For this reason, he has made several technological additions to the diving masks, including the mobile application, which also gave him a more futuristic look.

Digital display, bone conduction audio feature and camera mode

In order to get away from the traditional mask, the ZJ-DDG's first move was to design the mask to cover the entire face. This allows the user to enjoy the 180 degree field of view. Large surface mask; depth, water pressure, and weather.

The D-Mask can also be used for scuba diving with oxygen mask as much as you can to snorkel. It is sufficient for the user to enter and record the coordinates before diving for the problem of disappearing during diving

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<p> The device also has diver's SOS status and lighting function for comfortable navigation under water in bad weather. The Mask also has a voice feature that works with bone conduction </a> (technology that transmits sound through the bone) to enable two-way communication and music listening <a href=. Underwater, a diver who sees a good view, can use the D-Mask's camera mode to take photos. A device-specific mobile application can also be used to set playlists and export the data.

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