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German academics and design theorist Horst Rittel says that the flow of information containing complicated problems is completely confusing and that this is a social system problem category that can not be correctly identified. According to Rittel, there are conflicting perspectives on the individual in the stages of defining and understanding complicated problems and affecting the problem. Since its inception, has been a target for solving complex problems in a variety of issues, from educational to organizational changes, from sustainable urban systems to social innovation.

ATHLYE has a Medium page. Since the very first day she has shared her in English and in English over the interior pages Medium Sheep she has acquired in fields such as strategy, design, technology and culture. They publish articles that describe the importance of curation in the community creation process . Now published an article on making design in a complicated world.

Human-Not-Human-Focused Design

How to create a sustainable social and environmental impact through the holistic approach to the rising trend of design in civil society and public opinion, entitled " Designing in a Complex World " written by Mert Cetinkaya, Organization and Learning Design Manager ] The workshop focuses on the methods they use to deal with these problems.

There is a nice nice quotation from the Copenhagen Open Call in the Medium of the Summer . "We have to go from human-oriented design to human-oriented design," he says. Today, he talks about the progress of design in becoming a widely accepted problem-solving approach in the business world.

The article also touches on the ideas of German academics and design theorist Horst Rittel and design professor Richard Buchanan. explaining that Buchanan's design suggests that it allows him to cope with the ambiguous and unidentifiable nature of complicated problems


You can read the full version of the here and you can have more detailed information in English


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