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We share the same planet with animals and plants, regardless of where they live. Although we have isolated ourselves from nature in our concrete forests and our superior communication has never changed with nature. We are still attached to him and we continue to be influenced by him. As animals continue to live on city streets or in the forests, they endure the consequences of what we create. Those who try to improve the conditions in which we force them to live benefit in different ways. Burçak Beşlioğlu and the project on the initiative of İnci Kutay have been designing famous names for years and the income is being used entirely to help street animals and wildlife animals .

With a gift, both your loved ones and animals are delighted

Another Association for Life Studies, founded to defend the rights of domestic animals or wild animals living on the streets and in the wild, is helping animals on a voluntary basis. This year, the associating community prepares bag designs by working together with successful designers every year. While you are helping street animals with all the income of these bags, you can also gift a special one. So by making a single donation you are happy both of you and of an animal waiting for help, which you will never encounter.

Another Life I Know Association, which claims that all animals are a stakeholder of our planet without ownership, ownership or species discrimination, also works with the Turgutreis Temporary Animal Care Homeland of Bodrum Municipality.

Both the improvement of the conditions in the center and the re-nesting of abandoned animals and the treatment of animals with health problems for various reasons continue.

Among the designers working on this year's project together with another Life Dilimorum Association are the illustrator Deniz Dayıoğlu çizer Fatih Sinan Simsek art director Gökçe Işıl Şen Kivan Hamamcıoğlu and the creative director Kivanc Talu Hüseyin Sandık author creative director writer

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