Definitive solutions to the genital area

Darkening in the genital area is one of the most common problems women experience. The use of a razor blade in the wax pregnancy and progression of age may cause vaginitis. However, it is possible to make decisions with natural and healthy methods in the vagina. Your best friend We present to you, as "High Heels" definitive solutions for the genital zone .

To benefit from the healthiest natural methods for whitening genital area. Experts also suggest that you first try herbal solutions for this problem. Apply the natural recipes we share with you every day or every day and see the miracle change.

Genital area whitening cure

Mix 1 cup coffee cup of natural apple juice, half a dessert spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice, a spoonful of vegetable oil. If you want a more dense mixture, you can increase the amount of petrol. Apply the mixture to the genital area with your hand. Your vagina should not be damp or wet. After the mixture is completely dry, clean it with a damp cloth or pouch. Wash thoroughly. Finally, apply baby powder.

Lemon cure whitening vagina

Apply lemon juice to the genital area with the help of a silk purse. You can massage for 3-4 minutes to open the color. Apply this method to every genital area until the desired whiteness.

Get rid of dead with olive oil

Olive oil purifies the skin dead and makes it soft.

Color opening turmeric mask

You can massage the genital area with olive oil just before entering the bathroom.

Add 1 half of lemon juice with sweet chopped powder and mix well. After the mixture comes to the consistency of the paste, continue to the genital area and wait 10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. You should apply at least 3 days a week to get full benefit from this mask.

Yogurt for genital area blackout

Mix 1 tablespoon yogurt and half a lemon juice. Apply your genital area to the dark areas and wait for it to dry. Then rinse and pour baby powder in the area. You can make this mask every day or every day. You can also apply not only to the genital area, but also to the armpits, between the elbows and the legs.

You have learned definitive solutions to the genital area decline . If you have genital infection or genital tenderness, you should consult your doctor before applying herbal solutions!

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