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We wondered what to expect with great excitement There was little time for Deadpool 2 to enter the vision. The latest estimates, while waiting, indicate that the filmmaker will make a record start.

If you look at it first, we need to open up what we mean by "record opening". Avengers Infinity War, which entered the vision a few weeks ago, is still blowing like a storm in the boot. The figures in the first days and the box-office gained are not easy to pass easily. But Deadpool 2 is in a separate category from the Marvel films. It's much harder to break a record in this area because it addresses 18+ spectators . Deadpool's first film and Logan have already mentioned their names in 18+ movies. Now it looks like the second film has arrived.


Looking at Deadline, deadpool estimates for Deadpool 2 look spectacular. It is thought that the opening will leave behind the first film. Filmin, directed by David Leitch is expected to open worldwide with [$193590] $ 350 million box office revenues. The rest of the US $ 150 million is expected to come from international markets.

Ryan Reynolds seems to be able to make a record opening at Filmin if the publicity work carried out in this process and love for Deadpool are taken into account.

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