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Millions of people around the world are struggling with depression. However, despite the fact that it is a serious problem that affects the daily life of a person and can lead to suicide, precaution and ignorance do not give much importance to depression. The Brazilian pharmaceutical company Libbs Farmacêutica has also signed a project that brings together artists from different disciplines carrying the name "Proximo Passo" (Next Step) to help people get depressed and get help from relatives or themselves.

The multidisciplinary nature of the project created by Agência Tudo reflects the multidisciplinary treatment processes used in the treatment of depression in a sense. The project, which puts a dance on its focal point, is also supported by documentary and photo studies while dancing with the story of 40 people with experience of depression.

The project's inspiration came from the advertising agency's review of other campaigns devoted to similar issues. In these campaigns depression, heavy and dark, even ironically dealing with depression, the agency gave a request to look at the issue from a different point of view. Given the fact that social prejudices and people do not see depression as a real problem, it has been decided that a positive approach to depression should be approached in a promising way. The idea of ​​using the dance was born from here.

Thus, the dance has turned into a platform, a platforma, to convey the real stories of real people. Dance because of balance and motivation, helping to connect with life; has been a strong symbol of awareness about depression. In this sense, the dance, which forces people to break their physical inertia, is the first step in the treatment of depression, that is, acting.

True Depression Stories from 40 Different People

The project, announced on the internet, received 1000 applications from the first week. This resulted in 120 calls. As a result, the selected 40 people participated in a 4-month intensive training program and performed on a show at Sesc Vila Mariana in São Paulo

The actual versions of the stories reflected in the dance are handled in more detail in the documentary shot by Tico Vicente. Documentary; can be viewed free of charge at the address of the campaign's main platform . The site also provides comprehensive information on depression. Shopping The photo exhibition at JK Iguatemi aims to reflect the experiences of these 40 people who have defeated depression and become the main actors of the dance show.

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Creative Director: Cristiano Franco / Nina Lucato
Creative Commons: Creative Director: Maurício Magalhães, Nina Lucato
Creative Director: Cristiano Franco
Advertisement Agency: Libbs
Advertising Agency: Agência Tudo : Maria Cristina Del Nero / Nicolla Raggio Strategy Director: Gustavo Teixeira
Strategy: Cleber Paradela / Felipe Tobal / Leandro Gimenez / Virna Miranda
Customer Relations Director: Iron Neto
Customer Representative: Ana Cláudia Benini / Ana Paula Pimentel
Production Manager: Iron Neto
Audiovideo Production: Matsu
Media Director: Lúcia Cucci
Media Assistant: Ana Carolina Costa / Matteus Martins
Customer Relations Manager: Natália Mazzi / Vanessa Caruso Dandara Santana
Movie Production: Black Maria
Director: Tico Vicente
Customer Relationship Directed by: Prix Adaime
Executive Producer: Angela Far Rubio Feffer
Music Production: Zé Ruivo
Music Production Assistant: Rodrigo Custódio
Music Production: Flavia Prats Feffer / Erika Marques / Juliana Calazans
Post Production: Marcio Faurer
Music Directed by: Alexandra Varga / Roberta Calvoso / Wilson Junior

Music Post Productions: Ultrassom Music Ideas
Photo: Miro
Photo Production Post Production: Fujocka

Visual: Proximo Passo

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