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It is possible to reveal extraordinary works with ordinary objects. If you look at the visual jokes of photographer Stephen McMennamy 's creative director Brock Davis in his photographs which combines objects of different measure and Instagram' s best examples you can see the best examples. Nikolaj Beyer, a Danish photographer, collects objects as a shoe in his photograph series "Everyday Shoes", isolating them from the functions of everyday life.

A real inspiration for designers

Nikolaj Beyer In the series of Everyday Shoes ; from vegetables, chocolates, snacks and flowers, to stretch film, newspaper paper, photographic film, glass and light, and put them in the form of shoes. Although these seem like impossible shoes, they actually have quite inspiring details in terms of designing real shoes. Just like Marija Tiurina, who transforms vegetables into watercolor characters a shoe designer can also create innovative shoes from such objects. Even Nikolaj Beyer, as a photographer, talked to his designer and reminded us once more that his inspiration was not far away.

You can follow Nikolaj Beyer via Instagram as well as Facebook profile .

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