Daily horoscope interpretations of April 17, 2018 • Uplifers


Aries Burcu

If your career journey is blocked at some point, do not let it get you angry. You can consult the ideas of someone who is important in your industry, you can consult him

Uplifers proposal: Dan Pink, a career analyst, informs about the different working patterns and motivation resources being tested around the world. " The award as a motivational source is free will? ¨ is responding to the question. You can look to find your own motivation resource.


Even the question of the smallest part of the work you do because you are so trusting in your ethics can make you angry. In such situations, instead of surrendering to rage, you should try to keep things flowing and be open to criticism.

Uplifers proposal: The emotions (anxiety, unhappiness, anger) that are negatively defined when listening to the language of their emotions are not perceived as a threat. It is to realize why we experience these feelings that need to be done and to live it correctly. It feels good to live that feeling properly without trying to transpose or suppress emotions. " Contact with your negative feelings "

Twins Burcu

You should take some important steps to meet some of your long-term financial targets. You should consult your accountant or another specialist about what these steps and requirements are.

Uplifers proposal: If you are already hardworking, have a good career, and care about your business relationships, you have reached a level of prosperity. You can still ask yourself, 'Why can not I still get the refue?' The answer to this question is the way you think about the money, your feelings and your behavior are hidden. The right choices you will make with your money can change your life. 10 financial errors that rich people will never do "

Cancer Burcu

You may have recently noticed a weakness in the relationship. If you have such a situation, you should approach it with realistic and responsive feelings instead of ignoring it

Uplifers proposal: In order to be happy, the only thing we really need to do is be open to happiness and focus on happiness. " 21 suggestions to find happiness in your relationships and to get inner peace "

Aslan Burcu

If a problem with your health concerns your head, it may be time to take your hand at this affair. You can consult a doctor or you can see another specialist if you already have a doctor

Uplifers proposal: You can take a look at Okinawa people's secrets so that you can be inspired to live a long and healthy life. ¨ Secrets of healthy life from the world's longest-lived people ¨

Başak Burcu

Moving days about your love life are waiting for you. If you have started a new relationship, things may not get in the way, but the old relationship may come back again despite the obstacles.

Uplifers proposal: Throughout our lives, we have some ideas about what love really is, from our family, from around the web, and of course from popular culture products. " Is love relevant to finding the right person? "

Libra Burcu

A topic related to your home or your home may be softened by your efforts as well. Thus, the pressure on you can be reduced. Good days coming soon!

Uplifers proposal: Families that can better perform their functions are also called healthy, ie functional families. Functional families have features such as encouraging and supporting each other, effective communication among family members, secure attachment, willingness to spend time together, open roles, and respecting individual ideas and individual differences. " On capturing the positive soul in the family: Is your family system functional? "

Scorpio Burcu

Thanks to Saturn, you can choose your words very carefully. This is an important opportunity for you because you can find yourself in a serious conversation with an important person.

Uplifers proposal: Even if we talk for hours, sometimes we can not agree. " The words you use and the messages they receive from you "

"To keep track of times when communication fails and nobody understands the other party's views"

Sagittarius Burcu

You are very talented in financial matters. Using this ability, it can be much easier for you to realize your long-term financial goals.

Uplifers proposal: It is almost unquestioned reality that money can not buy happiness. But some recent research has produced different results. " How strong is the link between money and happiness? "

Capricorn Burcu

Take some time to think about yourself, think today and see if your choices overlap with your goals. Do not neglect to be honest with yourself when you do this.

Uplifers proposal: Change is always difficult. Life would have been easier if you had a perfect stance, balanced diet, inner peace, or anything magical for anything you wanted to have. But unfortunately, creating change is a process that requires time and dedication. There is no specific start or end point. " 7 ways to create positive and lasting changes in your life "

Aquarius Burcu

You may be seeing a therapist who is trying hard to overcome the suffering from past, the wounds. It can be an important turning point for you today. Never give up believing in yourself.

Uplifers' proposal: How are our relationships with closed doors and what we have called "failed" or "already ended", which we call "failed" when viewed from the outside, which is finished today? Do not you think that? " To turn the failed relationships of the past into today: Life convinces me of love "

Pisces Burcu

A friend you like can help you get rid of a difficult situation. Thanks to your efforts too, things are coming in.

Uplifers proposal: We have a large part of our life separated by my friends. Being in a social environment both helps us improve our quality of life and helps us feel better. But there are things we need to do to keep friendships strong. " What you need to do to become a better friend "

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