Curie Temperature and Tesla's Thermo Magnetic Motor


                        When you hear Curie's mind, Marie Curie may have come to mind, but she's the heroine of our writing; Marie's wife Pierre Curie! Although his wife is not as popular, he is an important scientist who has made a contribution to knowledge.


Work done Curie makes sure the temperatures are learned.

What is this Curie Temperature?

The Physicists, who have drawn the attention of Nikola Tesla and have invented the Thermo Magnetic Motor which Tesla patented in 1889.

For example, if we increase the pure iron temperature, which is a ferromagnetic substance, to 770 ° C, it will no longer be attracted by the magnet. Loses the ferromagnetic feature. If we lower the temperature below 770 ° C, we get back to the ferromagnetism and we can observe that the magnet attracts itself. This temperature is called critical temperature and all ferromagnetic materials have their own specific critical temperature.



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