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every year in Turkey, 13 thousand children are born with congenital heart disease. Timely diagnosis and correct treatment are of great importance in these disorders, which can have vital consequences. It is possible for children to continue their lives in a normal and healthy way despite the inconvenience. Philips in Turkey operating in the field of children's heart health to raise awareness on issues of civil society organizations Children's Heart Foundation (CKV) made with the cooperation and "picture of the heart" has scored a named project.

The "Kalbinin Resmi" project, which is under the vein of the Heart Health Week, is the latest in Philips' healthcare projects. Children's Heart Foundation, which is the most effective organization in the field of children's heart health in Turkey (CKV) thanks to the cooperation with, aims to inform people about congenital heart diseases. The website prepared for the project gives information on the issue and draws attention to the importance of early detection while warning people about signs of heart disease.

Stories of Cinar and Abraham

Progenin, "Çınar'ın Zoo Garden" is a very cute animation film that promotes the name. The film tells the story of Çınar, who is 6 years old, is proceeding with Çınar's voice. He likes Çınar's body to be a zoo, and the cute animals in it come to a screen. The four horses running, the giraffe, the monkey, the elephant, the giraffe, the elderly, the elderly, the elderly and the elderly, all living in Çınar.

An innocent film about a child's innocence as to what it means.

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Cinar in the movie is not an imaginary hero. one of the real heroes who inspired the project. Çınar, a volunteer of the Child Heart Foundation, has congenital heart disease. Another true story to be covered within the scope of the project is Ibrahim's. The stories of both will soon be shared on the internet site. True stories of real people and lived examples will overcome hope for families struggling with this disorder.

Another project aimed at raising awareness by stimulating and realizing images of heart conditions and coming up with real stories came from the British Heart Foundation for months . In both cases, the heart health is not about pessimistic and sad images; with a sweet look, optimistic, and a touch of life.

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