Creative work of American street artist Tom Bob

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The painter who is the canvas streets The art that Tom Bob combines with the existing objects on the road, admires the viewers.

Bob, who succeeded in turning even the clearest object into a work of art, stood in his own style as the monotony he witnessed around him. Bob usually travels across the street. The artist chooses to work colorful while talking about his creativity. Although he chooses the streets for his works in New York City, he actually travels the world. The cities where canvas is used vary from Taiwan to the United Arab Emirates. Bob uses the Instagram account to display his works, and 111,000 people follow him on that platform. You can also get Bob's work here and browse through a few of the work we have selected for you.


An old connection point that transforms into a pink flamingo is located in the state of Massachusetts, USA

The alien who has a pleasant time with a cold drink is at Round Hill Beach.

This artwork by Bob, who articulates the "look bird's eye" espris, is also in Dubai.

The barrel, pictured as if it was jumping from its hiding place, is again from Dubai.

This work, which the global warming wants to tell, is from Miami, a completely foreign place.




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