Colonel in Ardahan Crisis Caused


found in the state last year, buried in his uniform on a construction site in Ardahan Polish-born Russian Colonel Karl Karlovic Rjepets that Turkey sparked a diplomatic crisis between Russia and Poland.

Culture and Tourism Minister Numan Kurtulmuş had a stunning statement about the situation of Lieutenant Colonel Rjepetski, who was kept under protection in the Kars Museum for a year in his private conversation in Parliament.

Culture and Tourism Minister Numan Kurtulmuş, in his private conversation in parliament, made striking statements about the situation of Lieutenant Colonel Rjepetski, who was kept under protection in the Kars Museum for a year. Kurtulmuş stated that he wanted the funeral of the people to be given to them on the grounds that he was a citizen of Poland. "Russia also says, 'At that time there was no Poland, there was the Soviet Union, so this is our citizen'. The proposal of the Russians does not want themselves to be buried in a graveyard in a Christian village in Ardahan. "

( Many Skeletons with Alanda Trooper Dressed as Russian General)

According to Turan Yılmaz news Hurriyet newspaper in Turkey is related to attitude on this issue "Adam Poles, in Poland there are family" in the words of Colonel Rjepetski Poland to return to warmer look that gives the impression of Freed, "This

"We are trying to do this without a problem between the countries,

Russian General Vasiliy thought he was a Gey

In a coffin, it was suggested that the body in uniform and most of the body was intact and belonged to the Russian General Vasiliy Geyman. However, as a result of the investigations, it was understood that he belonged to Colonel Rjepetski who came to the region during the Russian occupation.

In the Russian archives, the tomb of Lieutenant Colonel Karlovic is referred to as Ardahan Soldier Cemetery. Oleg Cistaykov, a specialist in the Russian Military History Archive who explains that he participated in the research on the coffin found in Ardahan, "We searched the stars and figures on Apolet. We have reviewed the archive documents of the Chief of Staff. As a result, it was understood that Pjepetski was the only soldier on the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Russian graveyard in Ardahan. "

Who is Karl Karlovic Rjepetski?

According to sources in Russian history, Colonel Rjepetski was born in Tallin, Estonia's capital city, as a child of a Polish-born noble family. At that time Estonia belonged to Russia. Lieutenant Colonel Rjepetski finished the Warsaw Military School. Siberia and Central Asia. Two years before his death, he returned to Ardahan in 1892. The 1st Caucasian Corps in Ardahan served on the 20th Infantry Division in the 78th Navaginskiy Regiment

Rjepetski's family is from the Volinski region in the western part of Ukraine. Warsaw was trained in infantry military school. After his death his wife and two daughters allegedly lived in Tbilisi, Grodno and Moscow in 1904.

Rjepetski was a Catholic. There was no Roman Catholic Church in Ardahan. Therefore, the Armenian Catholic Church made funeral rituals. The document about death appeared in the Armenian Catholic Church's writing in both Russian and Armenian language. Lieutenant writes that he lost his life as a result of brain hemorrhage.

Russian Soldier Lieutenant Colonel Rjepetski in Ardahan Released


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