Collection that reflects free spirit and style!

The new expression of creativity; Cactus de Cartier. Cartier extended the story of his creativity in the field of design, the tale of a tough nature dominated by Cartier.

Women who prefer the Cactus de Cartier Collection bravely own the wild and rebellious but sophisticated nature of this collection. Maria Carla Boscono's face reflects a free spirit and style in her new collection, with powerful and desirable object pieces, designs and movements she creates when she is hooked. The architectural forms of lattice-engraved designs, moving relief work and precious stones, both intense and soft tones, in full bloom can be wondered … The dilemma and tension created between the power and calm in this new collection of Cactus de Cartier is the Cartier's aesthetic offers the best example of balance

Slide down the page to see the designs in the collection.

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