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Do not you drive a car or imagine what you're using to fly a person's direct hair in the wind? Imagine, on a summer day like this and you have a car that you can go for, like a Mustang, you open the windows, maybe you want the car to open up. The songs you love are also involved in the voice of the car. In a nutshell, it's happening. If you do not like to use it, you can sit on the side seat and just enjoy the ride. If you have a little interest in the car anyway, you certainly have a favorite car. Chris Labrooy is also a designer who likes cars and dreams about them.

Objects With Shape Like Pastry

Chris Labrooy is a designer who redesigns the movements of modern or classic cars and creates short videos and visuals as if they were dancing. He takes the wheels of the cars and changes his turns, and then he starts dancing with an old Volkswagen Beetle.

The designer living in England is not just playing with the tools. Designer is an expert on computer generated images (CGI). It is fed from everyday objects and letters while producing. But the designer's most known series is "tales of auto elasticity". This seride adds elasticity to vehicles as we have mentioned above and manipulates them to form their form.

The work of the designer is also followed by the brands. The work he did for Nike "presto ultra flyknit" and Jaguar E-Pace is great too. It is really professional that the designer shapes all forms fluently like dough. You can notice how much you have worked on this work as you examine the work.

You can check Chris's affairs at site Vimeo Instagram and Behance's


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