Carnivorous Dinosaur Footprint Has Occurred in Scotland


On the Skye Island in Scotland, there were footprints of a dinosaur with a meat eater and a three-toed, about 170 million years ago.

C: Steve Brusatte

The results of the study, published in the Scottish Journal of Geology, revealed that the discovered 50 foot footprint belonged to dinosaurs.

Previously, small footprints were found in the island and it was stated that they belonged to the Sauropod dinosaurs of the Saurischia family.

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Shortly after the Pangea supercard left about 170 million years ago, the island, now Skye, was much closer to the equator and one of the smaller subtropical islands full of beaches, rivers and lagoons.

These dinosaurs, tall and long-tailed, had small heads

"Finding new dinosaurs is always exciting, especially in Scotland, where findings are very limited, and they also have Middle Jurassic dinosaurs – very few fossils anywhere in the world," says Dr Stephen Brusatte.

C: Steve Brusatte

'Cousin of T-Rex'

However, it is said that the new dinosaur footprints discovered in the island indicate that it belongs to a species of carnivorous and three-clawed

Palaentolog from Edinburgh University. Stephen Brusatte "These are carnivores. There's only footprints. No sign of hand. It's a dinosaur walking with his back legs. A primitive cousin of T-Rex. "

Brusatte determined that these creatures weighed about 1 ton and 5 to 6 meters in length, and said that dinosaurs left their footprints as they walked in shallow waters.

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The island of Skye was a small subtropical after 170 million years ago when Pangea began to break up in the fourth and final supercontinent, and the equator was much closer than it is now.

DR. For Stephen Brusatte Skye Island "It was probably a paradise where subtropical climate dominated here. Like today's Spain or Floridian. "

BBC. 3 April 2018.


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