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There are fewer graduation balloons! All your preparations, okay? Have you begun to take care of your feet that will fill your hands, your open shoes, which will always be in sight? If you want to look perfect from top to bottom that night, you should not neglect your hand and foot care. You can start your hand and foot care already. Moreover, you do not have to spend a lot of time doing maintenance;

Humidifier with shea and olfactory oil

Complaints from the extreme foundation of your hands and feet If you are; then we offer you a miraculous solution. Moisturizing creams that contain shea and olfactory oils will provide you with the nuances of both your hands and your feet.

Some nail polish bases that many people do not know about or prefer to use, such as nails protect it too much. If you are a permanent nail polisher, we recommend you to try nail polish bases. Nail polish bases also provide a healthy extension and shine of your nails.

Peeling on hands and feet

You are practicing peeling in your skin care; What do you say to your hands and feet? Starting today with your hands and feet, you can peel at regular intervals. At this point, if your hands and feet are rough, you will have them removed and you will be able to look softer and well-groomed.

Soft heels with ponza stone

You can make your heels soft with a ponza stone, not just in every room, but every few weeks. Do not forget! Very elegant shoes will decorate your feet on graduation day. If you do not want to use ponza stone, you can also benefit from the foot pads. Of course you should not forget to humidify your feet after each operation!

What do you think about drinking water?

You should drink at least 2 liters of water during the day. Because water, it affects your whole body. It provides flexibility and moisture. Water is very important for your hands and feet. You can also get rid of the toxins if you consume water regularly until graduation.

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