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Spotify does not just offer music service; attracts attention with its advertising work, which also introduces musicians on the platform. Spotify announcing Diplo's California EP on Times Square with a pano sculpting Metro Boomin, SZA and 21 Savage ;

New York rap artist Cardi B has released an advertising film for his first studio album " Invasion of Privacy " which was released last week.

Conservatory Students are Not Accepted

The 45 second commercial film starts in a serious conservatory environment. In a class where vocal and choir work is done, we see Cardi B'yi. The teacher is there to give a vocal lesson than what they are used to. The famous rap star does not give a classical singing lesson; instead of the crazy improvisations that are supposed to be his signature. First he asks his students to give a short melody and repeat it. At first, the students who try to follow Cardi are surprised at what they will do with the passing of the artist all the way.

Spotify previously used user data to register with artists . But Cardi B's work, unlike the previous one, focuses entirely on artists and albums.

Visual: YouTube

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