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Since the year 2014, Cannes Lions held the referendum on See it be It for the purpose of bringing gender inequality in the sector to the agenda. See It Be It is a program aimed at putting the sector into action, especially in terms of gender inequality in senior positions. Your future positions in creative positions define female executives, offering them an accelerating program. We report that this program is carried out by the Spotify business association and offers 20 women the opportunity to improve their careers. Refinery writer Deniz Dülgeroğlu is one of the female creators who are accepted as a programa this year.

Deniz Dülgeroğlu is a woman who breaks the wheel when she has a route to dentistry. Someone who chases after his dreams, who is powered by what he calls stop or stop. This year he and 19 creative women will develop leadership skills from the inside out on the program schedule and see their direct reflection on self-confidence and passion.

We also took this opportunity to ask him some questions and share this excitement. You can read the pleasant answers that he gave my questions below.

"An initiative initiated to support women summarizes everything I do not enter with the support of a woman"

How did you hear about the See It Be It project? How did you make the application decision?

D.D: My dearest beloved friend of mine, Gizem Arli, threw a link from Whatsapp, saying "Deniz will resort to it". The link kept me to remind and even pressure to fill the form, not tossing it. An initiative initiated by women in the creative sector to support other women, I think, summarizes everything I do not enter with the support of a woman.

How did the applicant process work? How did you pass through the stages?

The first phase of the application process was a form. One night when I was away from Ajansta, I went to the house and sat at the beginning of the form. I told him everything about Caesar's right to give to Caesar all the way from my experience of deciding to be an advertiser to leaving a jaw surgeon to a therapist to 26 years of age, from my experience in the sector to the injustices I am going through as a woman from my autobiography, I wrote so long that I said, "No one reads this, but let's look at it." Then I totally forgot to apply. One night I was having fun while out, I looked, " You stayed in the shortlist it's in the phone interview," he says. I used to have two molds of chocolate before struggling, and when I got the phone, I had a great candy head. I have lost myself when the other side says "Tell yourself". The discriminatory mentality that defines women as "insistent" when they find men confident in their defense of the idea that they believed until the last time, that the agencies that kept telling men about the script that I wrote "I do not think the script is so funny as the woman tells me" Turkey and correct these wrong things in my request, but I'm not usually dinlenmeyişi my beard, so if you can not tell what form the phone I told one of them. Two weeks after the phone call, when I received the e-mail that started Congratulations I realized that they were looking for a crazy person on the team.

"It's Your Self" den See It Be It'e

Did the leadership of this particular theme affect your application in any way?

D.D: If the theme was "The Little Headed Coal in Australia," I would like to apply for the program because it is the main purpose of the program to support the careers of potential female leaders.

What do you think about gender equality issues in the creative sector in Turkey?

D. D after talking so much "of men and women in the creative sector in Turkey think that is equal" Would not it be funny if I say? Ahahaha 🙂

What do you think will become stronger at the end of the event?

D.D: Sometimes it takes me to jump over a very long cliff to cross the other. It was such a decision to change my profession. I am very questioning everything before decisions like this happen. I think that counseling will increase self-confidence and shorten the duration of these interrogations.

Who else is participating?

D.D: Outside of me 19 women from different countries of the world are participating. You can reach the whole list here .

So is there anything you want to say to women working in the creative sector in Turkey

D.D: There is a work done at Harvard Business School. The two groups of students are asked to read and evaluate the story of a financier who has quickly achieved success in his career, thanks to his outward personality and relationship-building skills working in Silicon Valley. The story of two groups of students is exactly the same. But in a group, the hero's name is Heidi, a woman; the other group is Howard, a man. Both Heidi and Howard are successful at the same level by both groups, but when it comes to being loved, the job changes. When everyone wants to work with Howard, Heidi is described as selfish and unreliable, and many students say they do not want to work with such a person at work. We expect to play a "mother" role that always gives compassion, sacrifice and gratitude. So when it comes to business success, we find it selfish and repulsive. If you want the Howards and the Heidi to be equal, get used to loving the Heidi and start doing it yourself.

Visual: Deniz Dülgeroğlu, YouTube

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