Canan Karatay'dan nutrition advice in Ramadan

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Karatay, an internal medicine and cardiologist, has been on nutritional advice, stating that Ramadan coincided with a long month's month and that his body should be prepared already.

An expert from the internal medicine and cardiology professor who came to Tekirdağ as an activity. Dr. Canan Karatay told journalists that healthy aging is healthy, natural, unspoiled, dependent on consuming nutrients.

Table salt warning

Referring to the fact that salt consumption is important for human health, Karatay said:

"Crystal rock salt is very healthy to consume. 60% of our bodies are sudden, 60% of our cells are sudden, but this water is salt water. It is full of salt water and mineral. Rock salt also contains 30 percent sodium, which is healthy for him. He is healthy because he is not refined next to him. The weather has not been exposed to environmental pollution since it is obtained from rocks and from 2 to 7 thousand years old caves. Since it is not refined, it is not separated from its healthy elements. We know that table salt is produced for the industry. We use this in all kinds of industries in factories. The table salt used by the industrial man can not use the human body and we get sick of it. Table salt is dangerous and should not be used. There is no resemblance to the crystalline rock salt. "

Ramadan recommendations

Recalling that the upcoming Ramadan moon coincided with the long summer days, Karatay suggested "consume plenty of water after Iftar."

Karatay, ramazan, said that the body should be prepared already, "Karatay principles, the body is focused on eating two meals a day. 2-3 eggs, cheese, cold meatballs should be consumed in the sahur but not bread. Ramadan pides will come out, pide can be consumed with village butter or olive oil. Non-sugar tea, milk, buttermilk can be produced in abundance. Thirst is headache and fatigue. After snacking and snacking, bell pepper soup or tarhana soup can be consumed. Do not buy sugary, carbonated beverages in a meal in Ramadan. Do not put your mouth. It is very thirsty and makes headache. "


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