Canan Karatay explained the healthiest meal


Famous doctor who visited Elazığ Mayor Mücahit Yanılmaz Canan Karatay explained the healthiest meal

Karatay said, "When it comes to eggs, it is the healthiest food in the world."

Professor of Internal Medicine and Cardiology, Professor. Dr. Canan Karatay made important statements during his visit. Describing the healthiest meal for the human body, Karatay said that this little known local dish has many important benefits.

Described the benefits of losing

Speaking of the benefits of the consumed as a regional dish, Prof. Dr. Canan Karatay, the citizens often recommended to consume the rage. Karatay, who consumed his rage before a camera like a banana, made statements on this little-known miraculous food. Professor Dr. Canan Karatay had the following explanations about the light dinner:

"Very nutritious plant"

"When it comes to eggs, it is the healthiest food in the world. Having said that he is a heart-friendly meal, Karatay added that his rage was not only a heart-friendly food but also a food with effects on the liver, thyroid and brain


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