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Sibel EKDEMİR KAYA – Thirty-seven-year-old mother of two, a woman who loves to write, ride bicycles, films, books, always a little stranger to her, a little naive but always enthusiastic and enthusiastic. Also the article of Cookie Child and pages of Anne Beni Duy . Facebook: AnneBeniDuy

From my first post I got to blog and get in person; I had many moms who shared my confusion with me, with all my confusion, reading the lines with tears, telling them exactly the same. In this article, I first know after myself that I do not have children, and then I owe all those moms …

It has been seven and a half months since the second birth. I returned to something that could carry around the corridor, saying that I grabbed two children with two arms and said, "I caught fishes!" asking for permission to ride a bicycle on that beach. I'm not sure how. But it happened, it happens. Maybe life is variable, maybe everything is temporary. "It does not pass?" Mothers saying, yes, passing, vallahi billahi passing, but everything is passing, so perhaps it is painful, Oh, do I know that, of course I do. Do I apply it, of course I can not apply it. But let's get this over with.

Women who look at me with pity, strange and anxious eyes because I have two children, I see the most women. But I did it by will, I wanted a lot of sisters. maybe it will be even harder in the future, but now, yes now is very enjoyable

It is so strange that it makes me look at me with dark eyes,

Most of those observations come across in restaurants. Mother, father, a very moving brother and a sister who is interested in everything, while in the food we go to, we are directing the most cornered chair to restrict the ability of Abiyi to move in a little and half, and positioning her in the middle of both. I realize that we can have a funny look while eating a meal, but I realize that we have a lot of fun in the process, or I think so, but I think I am enough, I know my mother, my mother knows.

When we touch yogurt on her lips and sometimes mistakenly nose, she is enchanted by the smell and licks and wants more. We realized that you could not resist in yogur, yes, we try to eat yogurt in the moat and take it from the head. It works, so it often does, but everywhere is yogurt, yes it is. But, let's see, the yoghurt bruise is gone. Because everything is passing.

At this time, while the brother is eating, he can suddenly go under the table and lie down on the floor, or take a toothpick on the spot "Mother look what I found" . When doing these, if the table is covered and the cover hangs for a long time, from left to right, sometimes some unlucky plates can fall. Then we interfere with myself and my evil husband, and we carry the immovable equipment into a safe zone. But we do not get up right away, we drink tea on it, we even eat dessert.

Because we are having fun. When we see that the daughter of the girl who is admiring her laughing laughing at the laughing laugh at the girl's laughter, my shoe, sometimes her hair, sometimes when her dad finds the kneading yogurt, or some fork spoons and ah waters and half opened ayran, we see that we can laugh We've been laughing since. I mean, I do not know if this is a little crazy . I do not think so.

We found the way to be happy at very cheap very easy and quick. I say to you that there is a girl child who takes her foot to her mouth, saying to her, "Look at this foot". A brother who is drowned in laughter when he enters his brother's mouth, he is such a sibling with his eyes laughing. I mean, how bad can it be? Can not you? Di?

And we went to the Aegean for our first holiday, and we had a lot of fun, too. We were stopped for the pooch whatever, we got on the freeway dozens of times, in order for our four. On board every car for five days, "Is it a vacation, a holiday, a sandy vacation?" "A girl who tells in different shades of" No change, today I sleep "" With a rhythm change " now a very ordinary mother with a wallet, phone, sunscreen, cloth, pee, water bottle, wet wipes, girl cooking, apple apple, self-alcoholic malt drink and now she has already accepted to be a traveler by giving up saying no to this woman As a father, our four had a lot of fun . And once again, we have a way, a way, a reason, because life is short, we have to have fun four.

In the meantime, "Are not they beautiful" I say my husband. With my eyes I lightly notice After saying "Will we do another one?" . The mountain, which has never disturbed its calmness and calmness, stands quietly to stand still on my own for a while. Because he knows, it will pass soon. Why?

Because everything is temporary … ☺

Sibel Cookie Child and Written by Anne Beni Duy pages. She is also sharing on Facebook at AnneBeniDuy and Instagram account .

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