Byzantine Burial Found in the Construction Excavation in Denizli

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The foundation excavation of Denizli with a work machine in the town of Pamukkale found a grave belonging to the Byzantine period, with three bones in it.

During the foundation excavation of the work machines in the Kervansaray Quarter, the operator noticed that the grave was opened. The workers encountered bones in the grave and reported the police. The incoming teams were contacted by the Directorate of the Museum, thinking that it was the date of the grave.

While security measures were taken around the historical grave, Museum Director Hasan Huseyin Baysal came to the scene and examined. Archaeologists from the Directorate of Museums started excavation work in the morning. Archaeologists collected the bones one by one.

It is stated that the tombs belonging to the Byzantine period belong to 3 persons. Work continues in the grave where the Byzantine coins are found.

( from Turkey to the World Heritage List, Temporary Assets Input 7 )

Denizli Governor Hasan Karahan stated in his written statement that the teams of the Denizli Museum Directorate started an investigation after being informed that a crawling structure had emerged during the construction excavation. Karahan, said:

"It is determined that the result of the investigation is a cyst tomb carved into a conglomerate type rock. In the rescue excavation, it was seen that there were skeletons belonging to three individuals in the first stage. According to the first finds, it is estimated that the tomb structure may belong to the Byzantine period. Detailed information will be presented to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism after excavation work. "



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