Bursa Carpet and Seat Washing Company

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Spinning and Drying Stage

After washing and rinsing, it is subjected to squeezing and drying processes so that the water on the washed carpets is not left. The squeezing process is carried out in the squeezing machine, which is a type of coaxial or roller type. At the end of this stage, the residues are 95% water-free. Only after touching the carpet, which has the moisture rate to be felt, is taken to specially prepared drying rooms. Drying chambers vary according to each company. Drying chambers are specially prepared sections for winter months. Plus Seat Carpet Wash as our drying rooms are capable of servicing 4 seasons every day of the year. The fully dried carpets are ventilated for a while after the drying phase and are passed to the packaging stage.

Onsite Seat Washing Service

On-site seats can be obtained from stubborn stains and dirt in any living area whether in the office or in the home. It is a subject that requires cleaning experience and skill by protecting the collar with the fabric texture. Bursa seat washing important services can be obtained. Special cleaning materials are essential.

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