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The world was so accelerated that I could say that technology seemed to be a hurdle to the concepts of virtue and ethics. As the number of people and information we get together with our Internet usage increases, traditional and modern always worsens. It used to be a month now when some events were happening for years. Which unit last week talk continues to talk?

How Much Ethics is Our Verminous Design

Artist living in Toronto Toni Hamel also makes drawings, paintings and sculptures that analyze human behavior. In the two-dimensional work of the artist, you can see men wearing lab coat aprons. Toni is using icons like animals or icebergs. You see that male subjects analyze, or change, zebras, zooms and whales. Some people paint or even make stains appear. The artist explores concepts such as virtue, morality, goodness and evil, using images of animals and nature that he refers to.

Toni is struggling to bring out the strange behavior of people throughout their work. He draws on his personal experiences and observations in his drawings. He also adds historical, social and psychological references to his art. You can see that for many years, you have been studying similar concepts when you examine jobs from your site. Iceberg and animal coloring work is really enjoyable.

Toni studied Computer Graphics in 1991 after studying Accademia di Belle Arti of Lecce in 1983. and Instagram are all available for the artist whose critical approaches are

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