Brad Pitt moved to home decoration and furniture sector


Although we are accustomed to seeing famous actors or musicians as designers as a result of their collaborations with brands, this often involved the clothing and cosmetics sectors. Now we have a very different example. Brad Pitt, one of Hollywood's most popular actors, was amazed by his transition to the home decor and furniture sector.

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Brad Pitt, who studied architecture at university before becoming a player, is not far from these issues. He just took a little background on architecture because he chose acting. However, the player has now decided to move to this sector as well. Pitt, who visited Pollaro Inc., designing custom-made furnishings, was very sad to work directly into the work here.

Brad Pitt shared a photo of Brad Pitt from the company Instagram and said, "Brad Pitt visited our store yesterday to review various pieces of furniture we are working on. As the photo is taken, the player directs us for the bronze base of a new Pitt-Pollaro table. This table is made up of the Royal ebony, which is one billionth of a billion. This is a unique wood and we continue throughout the design of this harmony. "

The company has shared photos from Instagram account for the past month and notes that Brad Pitt is designing a table for a customer from Los Angeles. Brad Pitt, who designed a conference table for the customer, took every step in the company and took every step in the production process.