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Boston Dynamics Since its release to SoftBank the communications strategy has changed. Now they are broadcasting shorter and more funny videos instead of longer videos. In these funny videos, we saw over time Atlas to roll over SpotMini to look at camera and to open the door . It is also true that the videos after the Atlas reactions to being pushed in are still being edited away from the positives and negativity. The company has made us forget about the fact that you are doing good with robots now with our new strategy. Boston Dynamics now shows us the progress of Atlas and SpotMini robots with the two videos they have just released.

Run Atlas Run!

The videos actually broadcast do not show us new innovations, but as we said, "Atlas and SpotMini are doing what they are doing now." One of the videos is about Atlas. We see the Atlas running in the 33-second video. He's running in the grass and he's running more. The video feels like a Michel Gondry directed replay. At least for the last 10 seconds, Atlas jumps over the top of a block. Of course, we did not surprise the spectators because we jumped over the Atlas log, because we were all surprised in the last round. We were excited, some of us were even scared.

Another video is a bit longer than 3 minutes and it's about SpotMini. SpotMini walks around in the office and travels comfortably. The problem is climbing up and down the stairs without lifetime. Boston Dynamics states that an operator must initially route the robot along the route it takes, so SpotMini can map the area. However, this video uses cameras to avoid SpotMini hurdles and also uses this information to work autonomously.

As I said these videos do not open new worlds to us when we watch, but it shows how fast Boston Dynamics actually developed robots. I think that robots and technology will be a positive catalyst for the living evolution. Yes, robots can be a dangerous weapon, but are not we all a dangerous weapon for one of us?

Visual: YouTube

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