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The mosquito problem is a major problem, especially in hot and developing countries. It causes the spread of many contagious diseases, causing 2.7 million deaths each year and is thus defined as the world's biggest killer. When BBDO Bangkok was invited to make an awareness campaign focused on mosquitoes in the Southeast Asia region, it decided to adopt a fundamental solution using nanotechnology instead of theoretically addressing the problem.

The project developed by BBDO Bangkok for the mosquito issue does not have posters or press ads. Instead, there is a cleverly thought-out real solution. The project, which carries the name of Nano Shoes, namely Nano Shoes, is based on the idea of ​​using mosquitoes themselves to combat mosquito problems. Thus, it offers an alternative that can be used all over the world to deal with this issue

Nano Shoes developed by SCG Chemicals and Institut Pasteur, a business partner of BBDO Bangkok ; the mosquito's feet are covered with a BTI insecticide. It is insecticide; a bacteria that grows naturally with synthetic and seizes mosquito larvae. So a mosquito dressed on its feet turns into a soldier who, when he goes to his colony, destroys the guild.

Nanotechnology to Maximize Larval Killer Mosquitoes

BBDO Bangkok's wisest idea is to solve the problem of transporting insect killers to mosquitoes. Normally, these insecticidal mosquitoes can be applied manually to the places where they live. However, this is a lengthy and complicated process because 80% of the places where mosquitoes live are inaccessible or unknown places. So it's a wise idea for mosquitos to take them to their homes instead of trying to take the insect killer to the mosquitos. Nevertheless, those who know best where they live are again these annoying creatures themselves.

Nanotechnology has come into play when it comes to solving this problem. Restructured with nanotechnology, the BTI larval killer has been converted to a negative load thanks to added nanoparticles. This led BTI to stick his legs like a shoe. When the mosquitos flew over the shoes and floated on the water, the insect killer was spread to the water. Thus the larvae grow and are prevented from turning into adult flies.

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According to the agency and its customers, a mosquito dressed in shoes has the potential to stop thousands of people. Moreover, it does not harm people or other insects or life forms like standard insect killers. So it is a friendly mosquito solution.

Nano Shoes; especially in areas where underdevelopment or inadequate hygiene are not enough to prevent the spread of mosquitoes and to prevent the diseases associated with them. Throughout the world, Nano Shoes, which can easily be used in typical mosquito traps, can be a radical solution to the mosquito problem around the world.


Creative Director: Piyakan Sirichankachorn, Sarita Chanthai
Creative Director: Peter Oh
Creative Agency Director: BBDO Bangkok
Authorized Creative Director: Suthisak Sucharittanonta, Anuwat Nitipanont
Art Direction: Nirun Sommalardpun
Customer Relations Group Director: Pattama Jianjaroonsri
Producer: Yada Buachan

Visual: YouTube