Booklet for the Test Drive Experience for Kia Stinger • Bigumigu

Kia signed a different work with advertising agency Innocean Worldwide to launch the Stinger GT model.

The test drive experience lived in print with an interactive book, sent to 100 people selected from the country's most important journalists and opinion leaders on the automotive issue.

The promotional booklet, sent to a metal box, is already stylish and remarkable in its design. Beyond that, however, there is a fundamental interaction. The Automobile 8 booklet, which represents 8 automatic gearboxes, is packed with lots of fun details.

Details on Addressing the Senses

In the booklet there are details that appeal to touch, smell and sense of sight. For example, a special extractor must be removed to see the photograph of the car. Or a circle drawn with fingertips, the microfibers underneath show the tire tracks on the fabric. In the section where you scrape and smell, you can draw for the smell of car tires. With so many detail and typographic elements like this, the brochure does not just introduce the car, it makes the reader take a trip with Kia Stinger.

A study called "Text drive" with a word game that refers to "test drive"; aims to convey the sensory experience of driving a car through paper. It succeeds in making it through a playful direct marketing rather than an ordinary car brochure.

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Touch: Graphic Industries
Film: Anton Watts Photography
Motion Assistant: Industrial Digital
Advertisement: Kia Motors America
Advertising Agency: Innocean Worldwide Americas
] Retouch: Midas Retouching
Post Production: MoxBox Animation
Music Design: Yessian
Public Relations: Zeno Group
Studio: Car Prep Inc

Visual: AdWeek