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The BMW Vision Next 100 concept car introduced by BMW in 2016 is not just for the automotive world; it also had important innovations in the field of technology. Self-Assembly Lab working on programmable material technologies within MIT, one of the most important universities in the world, has entered into business alliance with BMW design department in line with this vision. The product of these interdisciplinary business associations aiming to broaden the boundaries of material technologies; For the first time in the exhibition "The Future Starts Here" under V & A,

The material created with the support of the Self-Assembly Lab, which is based on BMW's interactive and adaptable futuristic interior concepts, a fully inflatable material that adapts to any size and shape. This material, which is printed on silica, can be deformed according to the air pressure in the system. Pneumatic controls in the system; this allows the printed structure to have different functions, hardness settings or shapes. Thus, there is a material that can be transformed into self and adapted

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Visual: BMW Press Release

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