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We are ready for the 2018 edition of our Advertising and Marketing Sector Revenue Survey project, which we have been carrying out since 2012 and last year with record attendance (over 4,000 people have been reviewed)! We have made some minor changes in our survey this year, taking into account feedback from you. Our goal in this research is to provide a source and reference point for people working in the marketing communications and advertising sectors as usual. As we increase the number of people participating in our survey by filling out our survey, the data we are working with increases and we can add more details to our results.

After filling out the survey, please remember to share it with your friends in the business circle!

Just like last year, our research project is directed by data science specialist Evrim Aydın Şaher . We intend to keep our survey open until the end of June and start data analysis in July and publish the results in October.

If you want to remember the results of 2017, you can examine the following script:

Chapter 3: Detailed Investigations of Specific Positions

Part 3: Survey of Specific Positions ] Part 4: Employee Satisfaction

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